Weeks two and three

During the past two weeks I’ve had my first therapy session, survived a quiz for voice disorders, went to my first razorback football game, and had an eventful Labor Day weekend. I wasn’t all too nervous during my therapy session, but my client seemed a little shy. He’s a smart kid and I’m hoping the Tongue Thrust Therapy that I’ll be administering from here on out helps him out. There has been some writing set backs. Writing SOAP notes and Individual Therapy Plans took me longer to write, but with time that’ll change. Voice disorders has proven to be the tough class this semester and I pulled off an 80 on the quiz. The football was an experience. A ton of people, and a really good game. The first half was intense with the score pretty close, but the razorbacks took it during the second half. For Labor Day weekend I went to Eureka Springs for some exploring with Lance. We checked out a few antique shops and walked along the downtown area. We also went to the Crescent Hotel, known as one of America’s most haunted hotels for a drink on the rooftop. With the elevator being out of order we had to walk up the creaky stairs, the hotel did live up to its reputation.


Week One

Week one at the University of Arkansas has been more than I could have asked for. Faculty are very helpful, knowledgable, and passionate about communication disorders. They are also very enthusiastic about the upcoming year, since we are the inaugural bunch to use the new speech clinic at the Epley Center for Health Professions. After having had a tour of the speech clinic I assessed its pro’s and con’s. The pro’s are that we have 24/7 access to it using our ID cards which I think is very beneficial for us, ample amount of therapy rooms, and the therapy materials room is nicely equipped. One of the major con’s of the speech clinic is that there is only one sound booth! Texas State’s speech clinic had four sound booths, so I’m not too sure how that’ll impact the hearing practicum aspect, whenever I do take it.
Clinic starts on September 4th, and after having had a meeting with Dr. Joe Agan, my clinical supervisor, I’m more than likely going to have a bilingual client(s). I am a little hesitant to work with a bilingual client just because I feel my Spanish skills are not up to par, but I’m hoping that after I start using it I’ll be able to produce a more fluent speech. I’m up for the challenge, Professor McGehee pointed out to me this week that bilingual SLPs are in demand in the Northwest Arkansas area and that there are only three true bilingual SLPs, including Dr. Agan. I’m excited to work with Dr. Agan because I can tell that his style of therapy aligns with what I’ve done as a clinical aide at Texas State and what I’m comfortable enough doing in order for there to be a successful therapy session, and that’s me talking about working with children (getting goofy and acting like a kid again).
I have an amazing two years ahead of me in this Master’s program. I can’t wait to live through it and share it.